Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris Full Fight

‘Way of the Dragon’, also known as ‘Return of the Dragon’ (Chinese: 猛龍過江 – Eng long guojiang), was Bruce Lee’s third movie. Developed in 1972, it featured great martial arts experts such as Chuck Norris and Robert Wall. In his previous movies, the cast included actors with knowledge of fighting, but Bruce Lee stands out as the writer and director of the film. The movie culminates with the so-called “Fight of the Century” in the Roman Colosseum between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, a seven-time world karate champion from the United States.

[Plot] Tang Lung (Bruce Lee), a Chinese peasant, arrives in Rome to help Chen Ching-Hua (Nora Miao) with a Chinese restaurant, but the establishment is being threatened by the local mafia, who want to take control of the restaurant.

At first, Tang is uncomfortable with European customs, and Chen and her restaurant companions believe that Tang is nothing more than a rustic person who will not be of any help. In his naivety, he even helps the local mafia. But everyone soon changes their minds during one of the mafia’s visits, when Tang reveals himself as a master of martial arts, dispatching his opponents in a matter of seconds. Tang confronts the Chinese-Roman mafia and threatens the leader, an effeminate Chinese, to give up his aggressive attempts.

As a result, a series of violent attacks against the restaurant staff begin, culminating in the arrival of an American killer named Colt, played by Chuck Norris, who challenges Tang to a fight to the death in the Roman Colosseum. The so-called fight of the century takes place there, where initially Colt seems to have technical advantage over Lung’s Kung Fu, but ultimately, using Jeet Kune Do techniques, Tang Lung easily defeats Colt.